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A broken heart is not easy to endure. It hurts when you care wholeheartedly for others yet they seem not to recognize your efforts and affection. It is okay to be down because your heart is broken. It is okay to break down because your heart is broken but it is never okay to lose all hope because someone had rejected you. There are over six billion humans worldwide and it sounds strange but a fact that the person who rejected you represents the opinion of the world. It is okay to assume that way but you should note that it is only one person who has rejected you.

Don’t cry when the sun sets down because your tears won’t allow you to see the beautiful stars. Sometimes it is best to experience darkness to appreciate the beauty of the light. It hurts but you can’t force someone to be with you. Sometimes the affection becomes so intense that deep within you, you could see that person and you together in the future with all your plans fulfilled.

Being rejected doesn’t mean that is your end. Heavens know your pure heart and sometimes the heavens think you deserve the best; therefore that person isn’t supposed to be with you. You are not a loser when you are so down in such situations. You fell doesn’t mean you are down forever. Get up and carry on. One day, you will meet someone more dearest to your heart than whoever your heart craved previously. Survive it!

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Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi

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