Best Niches to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

So you want to make money on YouTube without making videos, but you don’t know where to start. Most people think that making money on YouTube without showing your face or making videos has to be this hard, long, complicated process. And a lot of this stems from the first step in doing this correctly, which is choosing a niche. So many people get stuck here and they worry about what’s going to happen if I choose the wrong niche. Well, it turns out you can easily prevent choosing the wrong niche because there are a few best niches on YouTube.

And if you choose one of these niches, you can be pretty certain that you made a good choice. In this article, I’ll show you how you can quickly get started with niche YouTube channels, even if you’re a complete beginner by revealing to you the 24 absolute best niches to do this in. In the last video within this series, I introduced you to the concept of niche YouTube channels and I explained exactly what they are they’re essentially channels where you never even have to show your face and make sure to read that article first to get a foundation for this. Now that being said, let me reveal to you exactly how you can get started doing this fast. And the first step that you can take right now is choosing a niche.

I’m going to reveal the 24 best profitable niches example channels within those niches, how they’re monetizing, how they’re generating videos, and how they’re making money. So in my opinion, the main best niches on YouTube are as follows health, wealth, happiness, relationships, travel, and technology. Now you might be asking Matt, why are these the best niches on YouTube? Don’t I see other niches that are getting millions upon millions of views as well? Well, in my opinion, these are the best niches on YouTube not only because there’s a ton of demand, but also because they meet some very specific criteria that I give.

And number one is that they have videos going up consistently getting over 100,000 views. This first of all just proves that there’s demand. You might be saying, Matt, what about all those other channels? Don’t they have demand too? Yes, they do, but a lot of those other niches don’t meet some of these next criteria I’m going to go over and criteria number two is having a decent to high CPM.

And this simply means that you make more money on average per thousand views than a lot of other niches on YouTube. And this is coming from ad revenue. And this is nice because even if you don’t get a ton of views, you can potentially still make a lot of money. And then finally, the third criterion for choosing the best niches is having alternative monetization sources. This means you can make money in multiple different ways and you’re not just reliant on ad revenue.

And where I make most of my money from alternative monetization sources. Now, you might be asking, Matt, what are these sources? Well, these include affiliate marketing and selling digital products, which could be courses, ebooks, and other things. And the amazing thing about the niches that I just went over is that they meet all three of those criteria. Now you might be saying, Matt, that’s fantastic, but aren’t there a bunch of subcategories within those big overall niches?

And that’s a great question. And the answer to that is yes, there are. And I would recommend sticking mainly to a subcategory and being specific with your channel for a few key reasons. Number one, when a video takes off, it’ll feed all the other videos on your channel because people are going to check out your channel. If they see related videos, they’re going to watch those two.

Number two, you’re going to have a higher view-to-subscriber view-to-subscriber three, you’re going to be able to implement my number one secret for getting views and subscribers that I’ve hardly ever shared online. And e talking about that within the next article within this series go over some of these specific subcategory niches and then actual example case study channels within these niches as well. Let’s start with the broad category of the Health niche.

And let’s start with our number one niche, which is gaining muscle. Now, to demonstrate to you an example channel doing this take a look at this channel right here called Body Hub. This channel has over a million subscribers, which means they could have gotten a gold play button. And if we go to the stats of this channel, it’s pulling in 2.3 million views per month. Now, you might be saying, Matt, that’s great, but how much could they actually be making?

Well, if we take a calculator right here and we take 2.387 million views per month, and then we divide that by 1000, this is going to show us how many thousands of views per month this channeling thing is. Now, to figure out how much money this channel could be making, we’ll multiply this by a reasonable CPM. And remember, as I said, health is typically going to be a higher CPM, as well as almost all of these niches within this video. I didn’t just want to make another video talking about Faceless niches. I wanted to instead, in this video, talk about what are, in my opinion, the best niches so you know exactly what to do.

So let’s take this number right here. Multiplied by a $15 CPM, that would mean this channel, Body Hub, is making $35,000 per month. That’s absolutely insane. the fact that the person behind this channel could be running multiple other channels as well. Because once you learn how to do this with one, you can do it with more.

Now, you might be saying, Matt, that’s great, but to get this many views, these videos must just be amazing. And there’s no way that I could actually do this. would like to present to you what these videos are actually like. So if we click to watch one of these videos right here, you can see it’s literally just a vn top of the video with stock video clips in the background and then occasional titles on the video. And you can get stock videos just like this from places like,, Storyblocks, and a bunch of other places.

And you can edit these together using completely free editors like Hit Film Express. Open shot. Shot. Cut. And if you’re on Mac, you can use iMovie.

And here’iMovieher video within this niche, which is literally just talking about how to gain muscle. To do this just make how using something like Google Slides. And then you can use a program called Obs to record your screen and do a voiceover on top of it explaining what you’re talking about. Niche number two within the health category is losing weight. And this channel right here, called Bestie, has 4 million subscribers completely faceleswith s videos, just like that first channel that we looked at.

And this channel is getting 8 million views per month. And if you do that same math on this channel, you can imagine that this channel is probably making a lot of money. Now, if you’re within the health category, you don’t just have to talk about gaining muscle or losing weight. Here’s a channel called Natural Cures, which makes videos about natural remedies for different things. And this channel right here is pulling in 4 million views per month, and it has over 3 million subscribers.

And it just proe the same types of videos, but this time on natural remedies. Now let’s move into a different category, which is now the wealth category. And a sub-niche within the wealth category -sub-niche-hereat is the Make Money Online sub-niche. And that’s kind of what the msub-nichel channel right here is about Make Money Online and YouTube growth. And to give you an example of a faceless channel that does this, we can take a look at this channel called Branson Tay.

And even though this guy does show his face, like in his channel banner and stuff, if you watch any of his videos right here, you’ll see that it’s just as well as different screen recordings throughout the video and him doing voiceover explaining these methods of making money online. And if you go back on the Make Money Mat channel, you’ll see that a lot of my first videos were completely faceless and they were just springs. And again, you can use Obs to do that. The next sub-niche within the wealth categoryesub-nicheing. And here’s a channel called Chris Invests, and he just produces investing videos without ever showing his face.

And I’ll show you how in just a second. But first, if we take a look here, he gets around 300,000 views per month. On some months, helmets have as many as a million views per month. And the amazing thing about the investing niche is it’s very likely to be a high CPM. And I can an a n tell you from experience, channels like this could earn anywhere from $30 to $50 per thousand views.

So if we take that 340,000, multiply that by hand, and  $30 CPM, this channel could be a minimum earning of $10,000 per month from my estimates. Plus, within this niche, there are so many other monetization methods that are possible. And if we take a look at any of their videos, it’s just a whiteboard drawing with a voiceover explaining these different investing concepts. Now, you might be asking, Matt, how can I produce videos like this? Well, you can literally just use called Videoscribe or Doodle to generate videos just like this or pay someone super cheap online to do it for you.

The next sub-niche sub-niche luxury. And luxury channels are gigantic watching these. And if we take a look right here, here’s a channel called King Luxury. And this channel right here is pulling in 2 million views per month just producing videos on different luxurious topics like the best private jets, the best yachts and mansions, and how rich people,  le live.

And here’s another channel called Alux. This one is pulling in 6 million views per month. Here’s a channel called Nine Figure Life doing the exact same, 2 million per month. Another channel called Top Luxury. is  This one pulling in 3.4 milpullsr months.

And then another channel called Mr. Luxury. And the crazy thing about this channel is that it hasn’t even been uploaded for an entire year yet. The channel still pulls in 700,000 views per month. The next sub-niche under wealth is business ssub-nicheSo if you’re into being an entrepreneur in businesses and how they’ve grown, you can literally generate videos talking abf the biggest businesses that we know about today and just give a backstory on them. And this channel does exactly that. Like he dropped out at this, and then he built a $4 billion empire. And the channel pulls in 3 million views per month doing this. Now, let’s move over to the happiness category.

And one of the best sub niches under hsub-nichess ancient wisdom. And this can be wisdom from philosophers, stoics, and people who’ve lived throughout the ages, who’ve passed down some of the best tenants for living a good life. And there are tons of channels out there that provide a huge value to the world. And you could potentially do the same by taking some of this knowledge and repackaging it into YouTube.

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